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Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre

11834 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3J5

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events in this time frame.

Get all of your questions about visiting the venue answered below.


Phone Number: Any questions pertaining to the Shaw Outdoor Cinema or Live From The Drive-In Presented by Air Miles please email

Phone Hours: There is no box office for this venue. All tickets must be pre-purchased online.

Accessible Seating

This venue is fully accesible. All Reserved Tables come with two folding chairs. The chairs can be removed easily for wheelchairs.


The entrance for both vehicle ticket holders and reserved table ticket holders is located at the front of the conference centre, off of Kingsway NW and Airport Road NW. Follow the directional signage on site. Vehicle ticket holders will have their barcode scanned through their windshield. Please have your barcode and masks for each car passenger ready for presentation. Once scanned you will be directed into a parking stall by our ushers. Parking for the Reserved Table ticket holders is located at the front of the conference centre. You may park in any open space. Once parked, enter through the front doors of the Edmonton Inn and Conference Centre and follow the directional signage for the Reserved Table entrance. Your barcodes will be scanned by our staff. Masks are required when traveling to the entrance and waiting in line.


General Rules: PERMITTED ITEMS: Facemasks - Binoculars - Cameras (Point & Shoot) - Plastic Or Metal Water Bottles - Homemade Food For Vehicle Ticket Holders Only - Service Animals PROHIBITED ITEMS: Outside Food & Beverage For Reserved Tables Ticket Holders - Alcohol - Weapons or Projectiles of Any Kind - Detachable Lens Cameras - Video or Audio Recording - Glass Bottles COVID-19 RULES & REGULATIONS 1. Do not come to the event if you are symptomatic, have been in contact with anyone who has been infected or someone who is symptomatic, have travelled outside of Alberta recently, are still in quarantine, recently released from quarantine, and/or believe you have been exposed to Covid-19. This is for everyone’s protection. Please be responsible. MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL EVENT ATTENDEES 2. You are not to leave your car or reserved table for any reason outside of using the bathroom or a major medical emergency. Security will patrol all lanes, and you will be escorted off the property if you break this rule. One of the only ways we prevent infection is by limiting close contact between household units. Physical distancing is a key measure in fighting this virus. If you are in medical distress, please signal a staff member, and they will coordinate the appropriate first responders. If we cannot abide by this rule, we will no longer have events of this nature or any other. We believe in you and our greater community to abide by this very simple rule so we can congregate and share in this experience together. If are you seated at our reserved tables, the same rules apply. After you have sat at your table, you must remain there until the show has ended. Do not bring coolers, large food storage bags, stoves, or any other “camping” style equipment. 3. All attendees within a single vehicle or table should be from the same household or bubble. You may be required to list all attendees on checkout when purchasing your tickets. 4. There are permanent washroom facilities on site, sanitized in accordance with AHS guidelines. However public washrooms are considered a high-risk facility for infection, so please refrain from using these facilities unless absolutely necessary. Please follow all posted rules and regulations and maintain physical distancing. You will be required to wear a mask at all times when using these facilities. 5. You may roll your windows down, but do not discard anything from your vehicle. 6. All food and beverage must be purchased through our ordering app ‘Grablr’. Once you place your order it will be delivered to your vehicle or table. 7. Once the show concludes, we ask that you leave the site safely and quickly with the help of staff.

Child Rules: All of the 9:30pm movies are rated R. All attendees must be 18+

At this time, there are no upgrades available for this venue.
At this time, there is no seat map available for this venue.