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Daniel Sloss' New Comedy Special 'SOCIO'

Daniel Sloss' New Comedy Special 'SOCIO'

Daniel Sloss

A New Comedy Special From The Creator Of The Hit Netflix Shows ‘Dark’ & ‘Jigsaw’ Is Available For Streaming Now!


The new comedy special 'SOCIO' is exclusively streaming world-wide on Daniel Sloss' Official Website

Daniel Sloss has become one of the biggest global names in stand-up. He has created 13 solo shows, was the biggest ticket selling comedian in the world for most of 2021, has sold out seven New York seasons off-Broadway, appeared on U.S. TV’s ‘Conan’ ten times, broken box office records at the world’s biggest arts festival in Edinburgh and his massive global live tours span 54 countries - so far!  

In 2017, Daniel Sloss: NOW heralded the then 26-year-old’s remarkable tenth consecutive sold out season at the world’s biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. A punchline-heavy and forensic look into the growing trend of people showing no regard for right and wrong let alone the rights and feelings of others, Daniel decided that whenever this show was to be released as a special, he wanted to rename it SOCIO. NOW toured the world in 2017 and into 2018, selling out multiple extended seasons and growing ever more powerful as it resonated with his audiences.  

2018 saw Daniel land a 2-special deal with Netflix, co-produced with Conan O’Brien’s slate Conaco, that saw both ‘DARK and the now-infamous break-up * show ‘JIGSAW’ released on his 28th birthday, 9/11. (* Daniel has stopped counting but ‘Jigsaw’ is credited as causing over 350,000 breakups and 600 divorces world-wide - fans even bring their divorce papers for him to autograph at shows).  

Meanwhile, he had just finished touring NOW live and had already begun to work on what evolved into his extraordinary show about sexual assault, ‘DANIEL SLOSS: X’. It was a lot of spinning plates.  

‘X’ officially premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and began what evolved into an extraordinary world-wide tour encompassing 17 months and 300 performances, including all over Europe, North America, Australia and in places as far reaching as an arena in Moscow and Hong Kong during the student protests... At its off-Broadway preview, HBO snapped up the USA and Canada rights to ‘X’ (restricted because Daniel was adamant no advertising should run through the show and no broadcaster with dubious records of covering up #MeToo issues should be allowed to get their hands on it).  

He filmed ‘X’ at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on April 27, 2019 midst the global juggernaut tour, but the spectre of NOW/ SOCIO was ever present and he decided he also wanted to film that show, just so it was in the can (and out of his head). A hastily arranged (and totally sold out) warmup run in New York later, and on 29th June 2019 he landed in Austin Texas’s Paramount Theatre to film 2 performances of SOCIO. 

In 2021 Daniel’s first book “Everyone You Hate is Going to Die” was published by Penguin Random House prestige imprint Knopf, and Daniel launched his new global smash-hit called HUBRiS (2021’s biggest global solo comedy show and 5th biggest ticket selling event for most of that year, as reported in Pollstar). And if you are counting then yes, there is another new live show that he has just started to tour, called ‘Can’t’. But this isn’t about Can’t or about HUBRiS, this is about SOCIO, an unsurpassed 85 minutes of brilliant live standup, perfectly captured on film by Cinematographer Troy Edige. 

So why is a show that was created in Scotland in 2017, toured around the world in 2017 - 2018 and was filmed in Texas in 2019 being released in 2022? Good question, but it’s actually unimportant - please just give it a watch and enjoy the special. And if you fancy sticking a ‘SOCIO’ gift card* in someone’s Christmas Stocking, then that’s also going to be available on Daniel Sloss' Official Website.  

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