What are Virtual Commemorative Tickets?

Virtual Commemorative Tickets are unique digital collectibles that are your very own piece of concert history. Collect Virtual Commemorative tickets for your favorite shows and share them with your friends.

What can I do with Virtual Commemorative Tickets?

Virtual Commemorative Tickets are yours to keep as a memento and great for sharing on social media.

Can I use Virtual Commemorative Tickets to get into the show?

Nope, Virtual Commemorative Tickets are not valid for entry. You will still need to show your ticket (with the barcode) from Ticketmaster or Live Nation to get into the show.

Which concert tickets come with Virtual Commemorative Tickets?

When you buy tickets on Live Nation or Ticketmaster we will let you know if Virtual Commemorative Tickets are included.

How do I get my Virtual Commemorative Tickets?

When your Virtual Commemorative Tickets are ready, you will receive an email from Live Nation with a button to view your collection of Virtual Commemorative Tickets on the website.

How does it work if I bought multiple tickets for a show?

If you purchase tickets with Virtual Commemorative Tickets included, you will receive one Virtual Commemorative Ticket with each ticket you purchased. So if you purchased 1 ticket, you will receive 1 Virtual Commemorative Ticket. If you purchased 4 tickets, you will receive 4 Virtual Commemorative Tickets.

Are Virtual Commemorative Tickets NFTs?

Virtual Commemorative Tickets are digital keepsakes that use eco-friendly NFT blockchain technology to bring back the “ticket stub” fans lost when tickets evolved from paper to digital. They use blockchain technology so fans can truly own them, just like they used to own paper ticket stubs. Creating a Virtual Commemorative Ticket uses less energy than doing a Google search or Instagram post. To see your Virtual Commemorative Ticket’s information on the blockchain, tap “View on Flow” on the bottom right corner of the Virtual Commemorative Ticket page. To find your blockchain wallet address, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner on the navigation bar then tap “Account Details.”


How do I see the Virtual Commemorative Tickets I own?

1        Tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner on the navigation bar.

2        Tap “My Collection.” You can access the Virtual Commemorative Tickets you own anytime in “My Collection” as long as you are signed in with your Ticketmaster/Live Nation account.

How do I share a link to view my Virtual Commemorative Tickets on social media?

1        Go to “My Collection” and tap on the Virtual Commemorative Ticket you would like to show your friends.

2        Tap the “Share” button.

3        Select how you would like to share. Tap one of the social media icons to share via Twitter,
Facebook or LinkedIn or tap the QR code or copy icon to text it or email it

How can I give a Virtual Commemorative Ticket I own to a friend?

1        Go to My Collectionand tap on the Virtual Commemorative Ticket  to give.

2        Once on the Virtual Commemorative Ticket page, tap the “Give” button.

3        Enter the email address of the friend you would like to give the Virtual Commemorative Ticket to, then tap “GIve.”

How do I accept a Virtual Commemorative Ticket  someone sent to me?

1        You will receive an email from Live Nation letting you know someone has given you a Virtual Commemorative Ticket.

2        Tap “Accept” in the email you receive. Sign in using your Ticketmaster/Live Nation account. If you do not have a Ticketmaster/Live Nation account you can create one during the sign in process by tapping “Sign Up.”

3        Once signed in, you will receive the Virtual Commemorative Ticket and you will own it. It may take a few minutes for the transfer to complete.

4        You can tap on the Virtual Commemorative Ticket for more details about your digital collectible.

Why am I waiting in a queue?

When we are receiving a large number of visitors at the same time, fans will be able to join the queue and enter a waiting room. The waiting room is a buffer that allows all interested and eligible fans to join. The time that the waiting room is open can vary.
This waiting room helps ensure that everyone interested has a fair and equal chance to purchase. Whether you join an hour ahead or five minutes before the queue opens, your position in the queue (ie. Queue ID) will be randomized. Anyone who joins the queue after it opens will be placed at the end of the queue.

What happens when it's my turn?

If you have the queue page open when it's your turn you will automatically be redirected to the page you originally wanted to visit. If you do not have the queue page open when it's your turn you will see a popup when you return to the queue page notifying you when your turn started and confirming you want to proceed. Keep an eye on your queue progress because when it's your turn you will have a limited window of time to continue.

Can I lose my place in the queue?

You keep your place in the queue even if your phone goes to sleep or you close the queue page. When you go back to the queue page you will see updated progress.


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